Sun, Nov

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Phoenix, AZ– U.S. officials confirmed this week that the Obama administration sent two more cash shipments totaling $1.3 billion to Iran in the weeks following its $400 million cash ransom payment for the release of four Americans detained in Tehran on the same weekend of the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Since publicly expressing her support for the reckless Iran Nuclear Deal nearly one year ago, Democrat Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick has remained a supporter of the dangerous deal that has given $1.7 billion to the number-one state sponsor of terrorism. 

“Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick needs to be honest with Arizonans and tell them if she still supports the reckless Iran Nuclear Deal,” said Lorna Romero, Communications Director. “While she stays shamefully silent, the Obama Administration continues to mislead the American people about the dangerous Iran Nuclear Deal and the billions of the dollars given to the number-one state sponsor of terrorism. Iran’s hostility towards the U.S. has increased since the signing of the deal, but rather than speaking up for the American people, Kirkpatrick is blindly following her liberal allies. Her continued support of the Iran Nuclear Deal shows a complete lack of judgment that is needed to keep this country safe. It is clear Congresswoman Kirkpatrick is too liberal for Arizona.”

The McCain Campaign recently launched an ad exposing Congresswoman Kirkpatrick’s reckless support of the Iran Nuclear Deal.