Sun, Nov

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Phoenix, AZ– Today, John McCain introduced the Protection from Obamacare Monopolies Act, legislation that would exempt those who live in a county with one or no Obamacare health providers from the individual mandate  penalty. This bill would apply to 14 of Arizona ‘s 15 counties–13 of which are left with  only one option for a health insurance provider under Obamacare. Arizona’s Pinal County has the unfortunate distinction of being the only county in the country with zero options on the exchange.


Throughout his career, John McCain has fought to provide Arizona families with flexible, quality and affordable health care. He opposed Obamacare from the start, offering the first Republican amendment to the legislation that would have prevented the President from cutting Medicare by half a trillion dollars in order to finance more spending and mandates.

He also joined Senate Republicans this Congress in sending the first repeal of Obamacare to the President’s desk, and has introduced legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare with solutions that work by putting patients back in charge of their health care decisions. Earlier this year, John McCain introduced the Empowering Patients First Act.