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Rimici “ONE Source” Civic Engagement Domain


The Muslim Civic Resources are enabled in the Civic Engagement Domain of Rimici “ONE Source” Muslim Family Governance Framework. Rimici “ONE Source” has established secure online Muslim Civic Engagement capabilities with 4 key areas.
  1. Civic Internship and Volunteering for Muslim families and individuals
  2. Civic Engagement platform for membership, donation, online events and fund raising, Civic newsletters, SMS and Petition system and Civic Case Management. Civic Engagement platform allows approved Muslim Civic Nonprofit organizations to setup online organization, group, membership, donation, newsletter and much more! The Civic Engagement platform also allows Muslim Civic organizations to engage for Civic crowd funding for Civic causes, candidates and initiatives
  3. Civic Connect (Online Social media platform) for Muslim Civic Connection, Collaboration, communication, Blogging, Discussion and Idea sharing, Surveys and more!
  4. Get Out to Vote Capability. GOTV system has real time integration with U.S Senators, Congressmen, California Senate, Texas Senate and more! For Muslim families and individual’s Civic participation, petition and policy input. GOTV system has lot more capabilities, features including Real time analytics and reporting





CiviEngage can handle all of your organizing data collection needs, together, in one place. Our staff, with decades of combined organizing experience, is always available to help you organize your campaign and use CiviEngage to its fullest.




Keep track of online and on-the-ground engagements with your constituency, including phone banks, walk lists, meeting attendance and more.


Manage offline and online donations, phone banking, pledges, and even track grant proposals.


Send mass email and SMS messages, print mailing labels and keep track of who has received which communications


Manage online petitions (including sending an email to a constituent’s target, based on their address), integrate with the VAN voter database, and collect contact info.


Handle your membership with online or offline membership signup, automatic renewal notices, online payments and multiple membership types.


Organize your events using online and offline registration, multiple pricesets, early registration, and discounts.